Lee E. Goldstein MD, PhD

Boston University School of Medicine

Dr. Goldstein’s research focuses on degenerative diseases of the aging brain and eye. He received his BA from Columbia and MD-PhD (PhD, Neuroscience) from Yale. He completed clinical and research fellowships at Massachusett s General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. In 2001, he joined the Harvard faculty. While at Harvard, he discovered Alzheimer’s disease A? pathology in the lens of the eye, the first evidence of the disease outside the brain. In 2008, he was recruited to Boston University where his team discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in the first case series of blast-exposed military veterans and the mechanisms underpinning blast neurotrauma and CTE. Recently, his team uncovered key mechanisms underpinning concussion and CTE, and in the same study, showed that hits, not concussion, cause CTE (Tagge et al., Brain, 2018). Dr. Goldstein is inventor on numerous patents, founding scientist at Neuroptix (now Cognoptix), and co-developer of the first ophthalmic drug-device product approved by the FDA.