Giulio Pasinetti MD, PhD

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Dr Pasinetti is investigating the molecular cascades and risk factors responsible for the ‘priming’ phenomenon associated with innate immunity in the brain, which play an effector role in both psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders. This pathway may represent a common nexus for such inflammatory disorders and may ultimately serve as a keystone therapeutic target when these conditions feed forward in a vicious cycle of intersecting pathophysiology.
Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti received an M.D. from the Milan University School of Medicine and a Ph.D. from the University of Milan. He is currently the Program Director of the NIH funded Mount Sinai Center for Molecular Integrative Neuroresilience and the Chief of the Brain Institute Center of Excellence for Novel Approaches to Neurodiagnostics and Neurotherapeutics. He is also a Professor of Psychiatry, of Neuroscience, and of Geriatrics and Adult Development.
Dr. Pasinetti is the recipient of several academic awards including the prestigious Zenith and Temple awards from the Alzheimer's Association. Most recently, Dr. Pasinetti was awarded ''The Faculty Council Award'' for academic excellence at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and "The Charles Dana Alliance for Brain Research Award" from Dana Foundation, recognizing productivity and worldwide leadership in his field of expertise, which further emphasizes his standing as an academic role model.