Claudia M. Testa MD, PhD

Virginia Commonwealth University

Claudia Testa, MD, PhD is a Professor in the Department of Neurology at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and serves as medical director for the VCU Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Center (PMDC) and Joan Massey Chair in Clinical Parkinson Disease. She is the founding director of the Huntington Disease (HD) Program and Huntington Disease Society of America Center of Excellence at VCU. Dr. Testa earned an undergraduate degree in biophysics from the Johns Hopkins University, and MD and PhD degrees from University of Michigan with PhD work in the Anne Young / Jack Penney lab. She completed a movement disorders fellowship at Emory University working in HD clinical trials and basic research Parkinson disease model systems, and later joined the faculty. Dr. Testa now has nearly twenty years of experience in clinical research, including serving as global co-PI for a suite of Huntington Study Group (HSG) clinical trials that culminated in the FDA approval for deutetrabenazine, the second compound approved for an HD indication and the first deuterium modified therapeutic compound. Dr. Testa has served on the HSG executive committee and HSG scientific advisory committee, and currently is on the International Parkinson and Movement Disorders Society task force on definitions of HD.