Charlene E. Gamaldo MD, FAAN, FAAS

Johns Hopkins University

Since joining the Johns Hopkins University faculty in 2006, Dr. Gamaldo has remained committed to advising, coaching and mentoring the members of our academic community from high school students up through seasoned members of our faculty. Upon considering the projected shortage of sleep practitioners, she has developed programs to involve and expose undergraduates (sleep learning module), medical students (sleep learning module), graduate students, post-docs, and residents to the sleep medicine field in order to attract the best and the brightest early on in their career. She has served as co-chair for the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) sleep section presentations, served as the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Neurology Clerkship Co-Director for 6 years, has been a member of the AAN Sleep Section Leadership Committee and the AAN Medical Student Pipeline Committee, the Undergraduate Education Subcommittee, and the Minority Scholars Subcommittee. She has recently have been appointed to the AAN board of directors where she will continue her efforts to optimize strategies to cultivate our current and future leaders in medicine and neurology.