Brian Stamm BS

Northwestern University

Brian Stamm is currently an intern at Northwestern University. Brian grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and then attended Boston College, where he majored in Biochemistry. While in college, he worked at Boston University Medical School's Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center where he studied the long-term sequelae of sub-concussive blows to the brains of athletes. This work piqued his interest in the brain, and he then spent a year studying attention networks using fMRI as a Fulbright Scholar at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. After starting medical school at the University of Michigan, he continued to engage in neurological research. His current interests range from the use of advanced imaging to characterize neurodegenerative disease to health services and disparities research in stroke and dementia. After completing internship this year, he will continue as a Neurology resident at Northwestern University.