Brian L. Edlow MD

Harvard Medical School

Dr. Edlow received his B.A. from Princeton University and M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He completed an internal medicine internship at Brigham and Women's Hospital, followed by neurology residency and neurocritical care fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He is currently a critical care neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he is Assistant Professor of Neurology, Associate Director of the Center for Neurotechnology and Neurorecovery, and Director of the Laboratory for NeuroImaging of Coma and Consciousness. Dr. Edlow's research focuses on the development of advanced imaging techniques for detecting consciousness, predicting outcomes, and facilitating new therapies for patients with severe traumatic brain injury. His work is supported by the National Institutes of Health and the James S. McDonnell Foundation.