Asher J. Albertson MD, PhD

Washington University in St. Louis

Asher Albertson completed his undergraduate training at the University of Wyoming. This was followed by a Master’s Degree in Reproductive Biology also at the University of Wyoming working in the laboratory of Dr. Donal Skinner. His thesis projected used histologic and behavioral techniques to better characterize a potential role for Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone within the central nervous system. He received an “Outstanding Thesis in Biological Sciences” award and published several first author papers. Following completion of this degree, he entered the medical scientist training program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. While there, he completed his PhD training in the laboratory of Dr. John Hablitz. His dissertation work focused on understanding a possible role for hyperpolarization activated cation channels in network pathology following cortical injury using electrophysiologic and network imaging techniques. While in Dr. Hablitz’s laboratory, Asher received independent funding, won multiple poster and oral presentation awards, and published several first author papers. Asher then went on to complete a residency in neurology at Washington University in St. Louis where he won an award for clinical care and published two case reports. During residency, he began working the laboratory of Dr. Jin-Moo Lee- where continues to work. During his final year of residency, Asher was a recipient of a clinical scientist training program grant from the American Heart Association. He is now completing a unique “research fellowship” in neurocritical care in which the standard fellowship has been lengthened to allow him additional time to conduct basic research. He is currently using behavioral, molecular, and network imaging techniques to better understand fundamental mechanisms of stroke recovery.