Anna M. Kenney PhD

Emory University

Dr. Kenny's research focuses on signaling pathways and cell cycle control in cerebellar development and medulloblastoma, a pediatric brain tumor that arises in the cerebellum.  These tumors are the most common solid malignancy of childhood.  Current treatments for medulloblastomas include surgical resection, chemotherapy, and cranio-spinal irradiation.  These therapies lead to an ~60% "cure" rate, but survivors are left with life long devastating side effects as a result of these treatment, including cognitive declines, seizures, developmental delays, and premature aging.  It is Dr. Kenny's hope that by gaining increased insight into the cellular and molecular mechanisms that drive tumor establishment, growth, and recurrence we can identify genes and proteins whose activity could in the future be modulated by drugs and novel small molecules, thereby ameliorating the need for irradiation and chemotherapy.