Ahmet Arac MD

University of California, Los Angeles

Upon finishing high school, Dr. Arac started a six-year medical school program. In medical school, in addition to the regular medical courses, he completed neuroscience PhD classes. After completing medical school, Dr. Arac joined Dr. Gary Steinberg’s lab at Stanford University as a postdoc. During this 5.5 years’ postdoc experience, he worked on several projects on mechanisms of inflammation after stroke and possible treatment strategies, as well as in vivo imaging of blood brain breakdown after stroke. After this research experience, he completed his medicine internship at UC-Irvine, and his neurology residency at UCLA, serving as Chief Resident. During residency, Dr. Arac was awarded the NINDS R25 Translational Neuroscience Training Grant award under the primary mentorship of Dr. Peyman Golshani with co-mentor Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael. After residency, he stayed on as an R25 Research Fellow in Dr. Golshani’s lab as well as a Clinical Instructor in Neuro-rehabilitation, clinically working closely with Dr. Bruce Dobkin. Currently, he is focused on investigating the neural population dynamics in behaving animals after stroke and during recovery. Dr. Arac’s long-term career goal is to become an independent clinician-scientist and a leader in neuro-rehabilitation research. His work will focus on understanding the mechanisms of brain-behavior relationship, using the motor system as a model. By doing so, he hopes to reduce the burden of neural injury-related disability through his research, academic leadership and possible therapeutic development.