Tumor Treating Fields for Glioblastoma and Other Malignancies

Date/Time: Monday, October 22, 2018 - 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM
Type: Interactive Lunch Workshop
Room: Regency VI

Session Overview

Chair: Eric T. Wong, MD, FANA – Harvard Medical School
Co-Chair: Roger Stupp, MD – Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Tumor Treating Fields are alternating electric fields at 200 kHz currently being utilized to treat glioblastoma. This novel anti-cancer treatment modality has undergone successful clinical trial testing showing comparable efficacy when compared to salvage chemotherapies in patients with recurrent glioblastomas. When tested in the newly diagnosed population, Tumor Treating Fields combined with adjuvant temozolomide was found to be superior to temozolomide alone. The targets of this treatment are proteins and large macromolecules, such as Septin and Tubulin, which both have large dipole moments and are essential for the orderly progression of mitosis in tumor cells. Computer modeling also enables investigators and treating neurologists to estimate the field strength at the site of the glioblastoma. The application of computer technology and our better understanding of the cell biology effects hopefully will improve delivery of this anti-cancer treatment for the glioblastoma patient. This workshop aims to disseminate knowledge on the (i) cell biology effects, (ii) computer modeling work, (iii) past clinical trial results and (iv) other adjuvant treatments that may augment the efficacy of Tumor Treating Fields


  • To discuss the cell biology effects of Tumor Treating Fields.

  • To review the process and utility of electric field modeling in patients.

  • To review up-to-date clinical trial results and other clinical observations.