Date/Time: Sunday, October 21, 2018 - 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Type: Special Interest Group
Area: Epilepsy
Room: Regency VII

Session Overview

Chair: Anli A. Liu, MD – NYU Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center Co-Chair: Shennan Aibel Weiss, MD, PhD – Thomas Jefferson University Memory dysfunction is the most common cognitive comorbidity in patients with epilepsy, significantly impairing quality of life and contributing to disability. In the last 5 years, there has been increasing insight into the mechanisms of memory function and its failure, and memory remediation efforts have focused on medications and devices. This SIG will feature talks on the role of interictal discharges and high frequency oscillations in memory dysfunction, the use of direct cortical stimulation and pharmacology to enhance memory in patients with epilepsy, and using chronic ambulatory intracranial EEG to study memory physiology


  • To characterize how ictal and interictal discharges may impact cognition in patients with epilepsy (PWE).

  • To describe how hippocampal oscillations such as gamma and ripple activity support or disrupt memory processes.

  • To become familiar with techniques which may potentially enhance memory function in PWE, such as interictal spike reduction and closed-loop direct brain stimulation.

  • To understand how focal ablations of mesial temporal structures such as hippocampus and amygdala impair memory in PWE.

  • To become familiar with approaches to investigating the neurobiology of memory impairment, such as intracranial EEG, chronic ambulatory electrocorticography and structural MRI.