3. AUPN Chair - Career Level: Faculty Recruitment and Retention: Lessons and Strategies

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM
Type: Professional Development Course
Area: Career Development
Room: Regency VII

Session Overview

Moderator: L. John Greenfield

One of the most important jobs for a department chair is recruiting and retaining high functioning, productive faculty. Every department has its own advantages and challenges in recruiting faculty, and each chair has something different and beneficial to share. Rather than have one or two speakers discuss their strategies, successes and failures that may be unique to the circumstances of their institution, during this session 8 chairs from a variety of regions and institution styles (e.g. research intensive vs. clinically intensive, small vs. large, urban vs. rural) who will speak for about 5-10 minutes each and present one or two vignettes with no more than 3 PowerPoint slides. Topics for discussion will include: Advertising and/or use of headhunters Major retention issues and how you resolved them How you compete when a candidate has multiple offers Differing strategies for recruiting clinician scientists, full-time researchers or full-time clinicians How to recruit for diversity Salary issues and disparities among subspecialties Joint recruitments of married faculty pairs Fitting the job to the candidate vs the candidate to the job Other related questions.


  • Describe several strategies for recruiting outstanding research-intensive or clinical-intensive faculty.

  • List successful strategies for retaining faculty who may be considering positions elsewhere.

  • Describe techniques for successful recruitment of diverse candidates, married couples, and those with less common situations or needs.