2. Early- to Mid-Career Level: Grant Submissions: The Other Side

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM
Type: Professional Development Course
Area: Career Development
Room: Regency VI

Session Overview

This course is intended to demystify what happens to your grant application once submitted. Dr. Schor, will outline the application’s path from the center for scientific review (CSR) to study section, how NIH sets priorities for funding streams, what goes into priority scores, and how institutes determine the funding cutoff each cycle and fiscal year. The relationship between NIH and congressional budget and factors that enter into long term planning when the budget is set on a 12 month timeline. Dr. Marra will discuss the steps that go into study section assembly and review, the various types of panels, including standing study sections, special emphasis panels, in person and internet assisted reviews. She will also present the review criteria by which study section members critique an


  • To better understand the various considerations that go into setting NIH institute goals, programs, and priorities.

  • To hone grant application strategies, e.g. weighing investigator-initiated projects vs. response to a particular grant opportunity announcement.

  • To gain insight into grant writing from the perspective of the study section reviewers: tips for optimizing clarity and communication with scientists who may not be laser focused on your area.